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arousing love or affection
make esteemed or beloved; charm, captivate

\en*dear"ing\, a. making dear or beloved; causing love. -- en*dear"ing*ly, adv.

Endearing Records is a Canadian independent record label established in 1994, now based in Vancouver, originally based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Endearing Records has released many albums by Canadian indie artists since the mid 90s, such as Destroyer, The Meligrove Band, Julie Doiron, The Heavy Blinkers, The Waking Eyes, Paper Moon and Aaron Booth. In 2005, the company started up a separate publishing company, Endearing Publishing which represents the Endearing Records catalogue along with a number of labels such as Vinyl Republik, Saved By Radio, Balanced Records, Bacteria Buffet Records, Submerged Records, Elefant Records, weework and others.

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1. lovable especially in a childlike or naive way
(synonym) adorable, lovely
(similar) lovable, loveable
1. make attractive or lovable; "This behavior endeared her to me"
(hypernym) please, delight
(derivation) endearment

Anwylad = n. an endearing Anwylaidd = a. endearing, lovely Cariadol = loving, endearing Caruaidd = a. endearing, loving

(p. pr. & vb. n.)
of Endear
Making dear or beloved; causing love.

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